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Army Major General Antonio M. Taguba oversaw the investigation of Abu Ghraib that told the truth the White House and the military did not want to hear.  He paid for it with his career.  Id been in the Army thirty-two years by then, and it was the first time that I thought I was in the Mafia.

Sgt. Kevin Benderman, a mechanic with nine years in the Army, including a role in the assault on Baghdad, has refused to return to Iraq.

Robin Young fled to Canada rather than participate in Bush's private war in Iraq.
"A soldier is just a uniform following orders, a warrior is the man or woman that follows their conscience and does the right thing in the face of adversity."
Brandon Hughey, US Army 1st Cavalry Division, has fled the United States to seek refugee status in Canada.  "I feel that if a soldier is given an order that he knows to not only be illegal, but immoral as well, then it his responsibility to refuse that order."