The internet wars are a waste of time. Lately I only post when I can't help myself.  
Forget it!

But what still needs to be pointed out, over and over, is how insane and/or idiotic the political dialogue in the US is.  Terms like "leftists" (and even "hardcore" ones) are constantly being brought out as bogeymen when in fact they don't even exist. There IS NO LEFT in American politics.

Whereas the right wing regularly says things like Nuke Iran -- I'm sure you've seen those jerks -- and not only advocates things like pure military aggression ("preemptive strikes"), the disregarding of Geneva Conventions on torture and the waging of unending wars on abstract nouns, it actually carries them out as official policy.

While Americans live thru the latest surge in the quagmire of these insane right wing programs and tens of thousands of civilians are killed, dittoheads whine about imaginary leftists in their midst. Whatever "leftists" there are around are firmly on the fringe, whereas the fringe of rightwing insanity is affecting our daily lives and occupies the White House.

Remember: "Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience (and) therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring." - Nuremberg Tribunal, 1950

 Hall of Infamy
I heart tanks?
#1 Sarah of tryingtogrok deserves the first honorable mention of loony war cheerleaders. (update) Apparently a seriously ill young woman who thinks the word "sniper" is sexy while reporting every bout of depression (Abu Ghraib revelations) followed by renewed homicidal war lust, her posts are so Neanderthal (she thinks the Iraq War is like the movie Superman II) or unconsciously Nazi-like (she asserts that the value of the human life of Americans is inherently higher than other nationalities) that some suspect she may be a creation of German intelligence, designed to discredit the last few shreds of war support out there. (She admits to living in Germany and claims to be a military wife.) Good job, fraulein!  
Update: Sarah quote of the century:
"It's no lie that everywhere in the world that there's conflict, Muslims are somehow involved."
Posted by Sarah at June 10, 2004 03:47 PM

#2 "Protest Warrior"
 The New Babysitter (of your right to protest)?

Recently exposed by an antiwar Persian Gulf veteran, these guys videotape themselves in the illegal act of disrupting lawfully registered antiwar demonstrations, using clever signs like "War has never solved anything... except for ending Fascism." (Then why are they still around?) A classic PW post:  "I would have had no problem with 911 if it were all DU (Democratic Underground) members in those towers!"  With high school football team mascot graphics ("Wolverines!" --isn't that from the anticommie kitsch flick Red Dawn?) and pats on the head from the certified David Horowitz, the "Protest Warriors" vie to be Brownshirt Little League.
Update:  After getting attacked and beaten by cretins on their own side, PW has been pretty defunct.
#3 "Anti-Idiotarian Rottweilers"
In Heat: A Female Rottweiler from (thin) A.I.R.

Quite a few loony warnuts see the world thru a lens of sci-fi children's movies (see Grokking Sarah above) and Mr. A.I.R.(head?) is one of them, signing himself as "Emperor Darth Misha". His online temper tantrums indicate Misha takes world events very personally, and it would all be more entertaining if he didn't come off as a psycho ready to go postal.