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I leave you with War Cheerleaders' tiny triumph, below.
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27 Sept 07
The Revisionism is Palpaple

LGF often accuses other sites of deleting or editing content whenever convenient.  But recently they went back and cleansed evidence of their own past front page excesses, editing out a phrase that had been pointed out to them as ridiculous hyperbole by this site.

Back on Sept. 6 LGF went a little apeface over a certain Youtube video.  You know they're going apeface when they use the word palpable. In this case, where most people might have seen a jerk with a microphone, LGF saw an occasion where "The sense of menace and evil intent is almost palpable."  Here is a screen shot, with the Google cache highlighting:

War-Cheerleaders pointed out in (pre-ban) comment #431 that the guy was "freaky to ridiculous.  But evil? Menacing? Give us a break." Apparently the LGF web-leaders agreed  -- the "evil intent" part is now gone from website, though their favorite word is still there:

It's a weird and clumsy bit of revisionism -- several of their fellow phobes cut and pasted the original wording on their sites, so it's there for all the world to see.  But the brave leader(s) of LGF still couldn't resist trying to retroactively tinker with their own history.  Well, at least it shows they are capable of realizing their own idiocy, even if it's weeks later and only after they ban the person (me!) who points it out.