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Roma and Ashkali Documentation Office Reports

 Community Development Unit (CDU) meeting, 21 November 2005
In attendance were the following:Ms Maria Agnese-Giordano OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe), Ms Elisabeta Bajrami (Roma Representative, Cesmin Lug and Kablare camps), Nikola UNHCR (United Nations higher Commission for Refugees),Agron Deva NCA (Norwegian Church Aid), Dejan Antic KND (Kosovo Nansen Dialogue),Agim, Dai and Miguel RADC.
Points Raised:§     
No news concerning the NCA Commission to choose the buildings for the Roma Mahala Return.§     OSCE commented that there is no news concerning relocation.Figure 1, Roma Mahala§     Rubble clearing is slowly going on.§     Discussion about the people who are not originally from the Roma Mahala, but who are currently living in the camps in Mitrovice/a North. They are not getting their houses rebuilt and so the concern is what will happen in the foreseeable future. Nikola (UNHCR) is presently gathering data from those who are not from the Mahala but who would ultimately like to live there.§     
Six Roma and Ashkalia families from the other Roma Mahala in Mitrovice/a came from Serbia proper to visit the area where once they lived. A meeting was arranged with the president of the Mitrovice/a Municipality where he guaranteed them human rights. This was followed by a visit to their original homes where the Albanian neighbors were nice to them. There are Albanians who are living in one of the six houses once occupied by the Roma and Ashkalia families, unfortunately the rest have been destroyed. Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has no funds to rebuild these houses.§     
Laurie Wiseberg (UN-ORC) was not present at the CDU meeting has promised the camps leaders that relocation to the French KFOR base is imminent.

Camp Visits,23rd November 2005
The RADC visited the Cesmin Lug camp and discussed with its leader Latif Masurica about the general situation in the camp, specifically the issue of relocation. As the representative for the camp, Latif informed the RADC that there is no wish to be relocated to the KFOR base (Osterode) nearby (as required by WHO and UNMIK following various reports of lead pollution) as many promises and decisions on their future made by the UN in the past have not been kept, or not been consulted with. The camp residents fear that with temporary resettlement they will be forgotten.
Latif has also provided the RADC a list of necessary medication for the camp. A duty nurse who works in the camp is unable to provide any medicine, therefore the RADC will ask the necessary organizations for these.

Camp Coordination Meeting in Zitkovac, 24th November 2005
In attendance were representatives from Caritas Kosovo, WHO, WAM, UN-ORC, Camp Leaders, RADC, and various other local workers.
Issues discussed:Clothes, toys and shoes distributionMammogram and CT preparation (already discussed)
Work of the medical team in the camps
The use of the wooden stoves
Fire safety throughout the Zitkovac camp
Snacks available for the children
Amongst the issues raised above, problems concerning protocol for medical aid list, the need for an in-house ambulance, house visits by doctors, misuse of the wooden stoves, the types of snacks and funding for these for the children, and the project proposal for 2006 Kindergarten.

Mitrovica Report  #8 - 24 October 2005
For week of 18 October 2005
Roma and Ashkalia Documentation Center (RADC)

The Roma and Ashkalia Documentation Center (RADC) will generally distribute a weekly report on the IDP camps (Cesmin Lug, Kablare, Zitkovac, Leposavic).We did not issue a report for the previous two weeks. This is the eighth report.

There is little to report for last week.

Lead Contamination Testing: on Tuesday October 18, the team for lead testing from the US visited the camps in Kablare, Cesmin Lug and Zitkovac, they have just seen the sites, not the testing of the land happened on that day. There was a meeting in the Cesmin Lug camp with the leaders of the camp. The Roma mahala in south Mitrovica was tested. The camps are going to be tested and the results will be known for two weeks.

Rubble Clearing: Next week the KFOR is going to setup the explosive materials in the eight big houses in the Roma mahalla. In two weeks the eight houses will be demolished. The owners of the houses will be named in the 25 October Steering Committee meeting, and they will be informed about demolition of their houses.

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