New Low: "Ghraibing" Jokes
Rape. Murder. Raping children. Defiling corpses. All by US occupation forces. A laughing matter?
You would think that the war cheerleaders would just keep avoiding the subject of the Abu Ghraib prison war crimes (except when repeating the "few bad apples" lie). Instead they are wallowing in a website joking about "Ghraibing" (posing in photos pointing at each others genitals, ala war crimes suspect Pvt. England) becoming a fad. How sick can these war loons get?
  Fahrenheit 911 "Deceits" Compiler
Is War Cheerleading Think Tank Spawn
David "Torture Camps are Closed" Kopel

The oft-mentioned but seldom read list out of the  "Independence Institute" (can't they come up with more unique names?) supposedly showing the "59 deceits" of the movie Fahrenheit 911 is a wonder to behold. In stilted academic prose the tank thinker David Kopel presents a nitpicking whine list including such things as "Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz is shown surreptitiously licking his comb." It's a "deceit" to show Wolfowitz licking his comb? Right. Way to pad a list, guy. Most of the list is like that, which seems to exist for Bush lovers to link to and say "Moore lies! Here's my proof!" without actually reading it or thinking much about it, apparently.
But we could have expected as much from Kopel, who began an editorial last year with
The torture chambers are closed.
(No comment.)
The children's prison is empty.
(Amnesty Int'l, Human Rights Watch, the Int'l Red Cross and UNICEF have all lodged official complaints that they are being barred from checking on the US-run children's prisons in Iraq now. And US military are testifying on German TV that the children have been tortured.)
In other words Kopel is yet another guy who was very wrong about this war and cannot admit it. So like some loony crank obsessing about a personal grudge, he is channeling all the energy of his vociferous denial into compiling a long absurd list of "deceits".
By the way, by using that word for his list of hairsplit facts, isn't he by his own (and hysterical anti-Moore) standards as much of a liar as Moore supposedly is?
 Warnuts Whine as Manila, Like Spain, Says
"Let Us Out of Your Mess"
Philippines Decide the Life of One Citizen Worth More than Bush's Private War,
Pulls Out Its Symbolic Troop Presence

A few the bleatings of the war cheerleaders over the 51 Filipino soldiers leaving the fake coalition, from the geniuses at LGF:
Hoping for carnage: "Depressing to see this much cowardice so early in the fight when so little blood has been shed."
Hoping for carnage, homeland version: "The country is basically asleep right now because no further outrages like the 9/11 atrocity have occurred. If another atrocity occurs, then Americans may be more willing to make sacrifices."
Religion is like ice cream: "Islam is about peace and mercy as much as HAAGEN DAZ is about weight loss."
Fox News:"Ideology Ruled Instead of Reality":
US Military Blames Iraq Quagmire on White House
+new gov't wants to reinstate Saddam's Army

Fox News, of all places, tells us today that "Iraq's new leader wants to call some of its old army back to duty to help restore peace in his war-torn land. Disbanding that defeated force 13 months ago was a mistake made in Washington, says a U.S. Army colonel who held a pivotal role in Baghdad at the time."

He also confirmed the standard operating procedure of the Bush White House: "'It was because ideology ruled where reality should have,'" said Col. Paul F. Hughes, then strategic policy director for the U.S. occupation authority and obvious liberal traitor, said of last year's decision.

Prowar Zealots Conclude Bush, Rumsfeld
In Conspiracy Against Themselves to Hide WMD

The announcement of the transport of some low-enriched uranium out of Iraq this week caused the hoping-for-WMD crowd to go positively ape. By their reasoning, the shipment of the medical-use uranium, already under UN guard and accounted for some four years now, which even the White House isn't claiming amounts to more than diddly squat, is important WMD evidence. And, of course, it's more proof of the liberal media conspiracy to hide the truth, since the report was not front page news.
But it wasn't just the major media that didn't make a big deal of the Iraqi semi-uranium -- the White House did not give it any hype at all, either. Instead it was given to the lowly Energy Secretary who did not even call the uranium a "discovery", most likely to avoid getting caught in another huge (let's be nice) "mistaken assertion" in the run-up to the election. Despite all this, the prowar faction, fed by Newsmax-style disinfo spin, apparently believe either that a WMD discovery could be made without the White House making a huge PR campaign out of it, or that the Bush White House is participating in a conspiracy against itself to hide the evidence. (Though some of the Bushwacked believe GW doesn't say anything because he is too much of a gentleman, following the"gentlemen's code" !!!)
Of course the White House doesn't need to overtly lie about this one -- they get the Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys and Foxnews to trumpet this to their faithful flock and unwary listeners as "proof", and so the lying propaganda point is made for them.

Terrified of Men Who Touch
The right wing has latched onto a tactic to influence their target audience (apparently homophobes with psychotic fantasies about moderate politicians): Portraying the Kerry-Edwards ticket as gay.
"John Kerry finds in Johnny Edwards what he's been looking for his whole life, a trophy wife," is one typical sneering quote from drug addict talk show host Rush Limbaugh. More from a recent show Rush Limbaughtomy show:
CALLER: ...I'm a young 30-year-old mom and I look at this and I laugh and laugh and laugh.
RUSH: What were you looking at? You've got to be descriptive here. You've got to tell us what you saw.
CALLER: Okay, Kerry and Edwards, I mean do we need to rent a room? I mean they're rubbing each other. I mean, they're hugging on each other, practically holding -- well, they were holding hands for one minute, but it's like --
Going from the national to the local, here are a few nice quotes a standard right wing radio show "Sussman, Morgan and Vic" on KSFO-AM, San Francisco, July 12th:
"A lot of uninformed women and, I don't know, gay men are going gaga over these guys."
"It's like these two guys have something going on their wives don't know about... Accidental shoulder rubs, leaning into each other. It's strange... I'm getting a little nervous."
(By the way, if San Francisco is a den of liberals, and radio programming is supposed to reflect its audience, why is San Francisco talk radio full of right wingers? Hmmmmm. Nah. Can't be there's some sort of agenda there.) comments
 Prowar crowd "worried" that blue collar Americans are sick of Bush, Iraqi War "FUBAR"
and think Kerry is "OK"

An excerpt from posting on a the LGF prowar hatesite:
"I'm worried, folks. Went to work at a studio today, with the blue-collar Dem. men in the production. These are guys who hate Saddam and OBL, were enraged at the muzzies over 9-11, bought tons of flags and decorated the dept., and even kept the list of most-wanted terrorists on the wall, marking each SOB off as he was killed. That was 2 years ago, though. Today I asked them who they were going to vote for: even Gary, in his 50s and ex-Navy (flattop) said emphatically, "we've gotta get Bush outta there." Bill added, "Yeah, that guy isn't really running the country, Cheney is. And Iraq is FUBAR." But what do you think about Kerry? I asked them. "He seems OK." "Yeah, he's all right." Clearly they know NOTHING about the Kerry faults/sins/drawbacks. To them he's a harmless, good-enough cipher, Bush is a puppet of Cheney, and they're tired of the pigfu** in the ME already. I didn't press the conversation. But these guys are Brooklyn and Queens-bred, blue-collar, and definitely not moonbats. But they're appallingly ignorant about what's going on here. ...this augurs ill for the election, I think. Grim."
Notice that after regular Americans learn about the WMD lies and they start to realize how wrong the war has been and how inept Bush is, the rightwingnuts start calling the American people "ignorant". Ignorant because now they know the truth. More of what the prowar crowd thinks of regular Americans:
"As long as those drones can afford a new deer rifle and ATV every couple of years and take their overweight spawn to Chuckee Cheese every birthday life is good, no need to think further."
Or maybe this shows you got to give a lot credit to the American people -- something about being all fooled all of the time.
Preemptive Strike on Kerry?
In the early days of the Clinton administration, one rightwing radio talkshow host in San Francisco was passing out "Impeach Clinton" bumper stickers. It was supposed to be funny, but if you were paying attention, you knew rightwing forces were getting ready to impeach Clinton for something, anything, from the very beginning.
Now there's the internet and wingnuts are showing their July 4th patriotism by already starting to joke about assassinating Kerry.

Mr. Nice Guy
Grokker outdoes herself this week. The US military's quagmire in Iraq stems from being too nice. Rape and Murder at Abu Ghraib, 1000s of cluster bombs lying around to blow arms and legs off of children, random firing into civilian towns, depleted uranium scattered around, trampling Geneva Conventions -- it is just too nice. No details on what taking the gloves off would mean. Napalm? Carpet bombings? Nukes?