"Re-election" of the worst president ever over the dead bodies
of 100,000+ iraqi civilians
"Whatever It Takes" -- Bush Ad & Campaign Motto?

The brand new Bush video aims to spread the fear of terrorism, once again.  For the recent Bush campaign commercials, "Whatever It Takes" makes it three for three (see below) in focusing on the threat of terrorism , making it pretty obvious they have no other issue in their favor.  
Is "Whatever It Takes" also the Republican's campaign motto?  In a surreal fundraising message from Republican headquarters, Chairman and wingnut Governor Marc Racicot charges everyone else with illegally stealing elections:  "The shadowy groups aligned against us will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing, to win."  

He cites crime and violence and aggravated carpal tunnel injuries:  "Our offices have been broken into, vandalized, and robbed. Gun shots have pierced the doors and windows of several offices. Fortunately, no one was hurt in those attacks, but unfortunately, when union members stormed an office in Florida, a volunteer's arm was broken."  Projecting your own crimes onto everyone else is a well known symptom in abnormal psychology, which means the Rightwing nuts have one huge borderline personality disorder.
It's time to pop your copy of "Unprecedented" into the DVD player for a reality check on how the Repubs stole the 2000 election.   
Republicans Cry "Wolves"

The last two Republican campaign ads, "Wolves" and "Risk" -- the only two proudly on display on the  home page of -- both deal with the fear of terrorism.  Because the Republicans don't have any other issue.  Not the economy, foreign policy, jobs, health care --they can't even use the Iraq War convincingly because so many people are sick of it.
"Wolves" tries to do a repeat of the very effective (and manipulative, lying, etc.) Reagan-era ad that showed a bear in the woods, started with something like "some say there is no bear" and went on to imply that the US has to keep its strength up (the arms race) to match the (Russian) bear's.  (After the collapse of Communism it turned out the CIA knew that the Soviet Union was nowhere near the US in arms spending.)
And by the "Wolves" ad's own logic, if the "terrorists are waiting to exploit weakness", doesn't Sept.11th mean that Bush has got to go, since it was the Bushgov's weakness they epically exploited?
Bush's weakness: he was totally unqualified to be president. He removed all doubt about this when he admitted that his first reaction to 9/11 was "that's some bad pilot."  Even casual students of the history of terrorism in America -- or just people who read newspapers -- knew, as soon as they heard that something was going on at the World Trade Center, that it was highly likely to be a terrorist strike -- it was a major terrorist target in the past.  But to Bush, the creepy guy in the back of the class wearing a bomber jacket and spitting chewing tobacco into a paper cup, the son of the CIA chief who became president and succeeded to the throne through a stolen election, it was just a "bad pilot".  That's simply an embarrassment, and it has continued without stop.  Hopefully it will stop next inauguration day.

"Pocketgate" and the Raving Right

I stopped laughing long enough to scan what the rubber room is producing in "pengate" or
Breaking News:
Bush to apply for Purple Heart for "awful hangovers" during his National Guard service
"pocketgate" or whatever the tinfoil headset is referring to it as.  (For those of you lucky enough not to know, the wingnuts are trying to blame Kerry's victory in the first presidential debate on a pen that Kerry took out of his pocket during the event.)  If after "Burgergate" there was any credibility left to be destroyed, it is now atomized.
Those with an attention span longer than a sound bite recall that candidate Reagan stole Pres. Carter's complete debate notes through a mole in the Carter administration, but the "liberal media" forgot to ever make much of that, and did or does any right winger care?  Of course not, because it is not Democracy or its Free Marketplace of Ideas that is at issue here -- quite the opposite, in fact.  

Aside from the hilarity that "He cheeeated" is the classic whine from a poor loser, what is creepy about all this is the hounding inherent in a microscopic scrutiny of slight physical gestures.  Kerry looked good and Bush looked stupid, and so the blame goes on secret tiny notes on a pen or palmed index card.  And that there are apparently leagues of loons out there who don't feel the least bit self conscious about going ape about such things while the US bombs Iraqi towns, filling the morgues with the bodies of women and children "insurgents", while Rumsfeld today admits there was no link between Saddam and Bin Laden, while Bremer is saying that the chaos in Iraq is due to Rumsfeld never putting enough troops in Iraq in the first place.

It's official: Bush treats US citizens like children, White House chief of staff admits

Boston Globe:  White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card said yesterday that President Bush views America as a ''10-year-old child" in need of the sort of protection provided by a parent.
Will the USA End Up like the Bush Clan Children?
Noelle: forging prescriptions to feed drug addiction
Jenna: rude, drunk and bloated

And let's not forget how G.W. Bush treats some other children
Which explains a lot of the behavior of the various prowar loons out there.  They like being treated as children -- obeying instructions and commands, having night-terrors about Orange Alerts, operating on the basis of a my-daddy-can-beat-up-yours thing.  But do we want country to end up in the wretchedness of the various Bush children?
Pro-war wingnuts advocate road rage against bicyclists

As the mighty Sadly, No has pointed out, by now no one should be surprised at the constant loony ravings at LGF.  But every now and then the moonbats tromp down a fruitcake lane noteworthy even for a whacked-out hatesite.  This week we have the long thread indulging in violent fantasies about Critical Mass, the grass roots movement of bicyclists who gather together monthly for group bike rides in cities around the world.  Check this example for conflation of the bicycle activists and fundamentalist terrorism:
Would anyone be seriously upset if in response to the illegal use of thoroughfares, which denies the traveling public their lawful use of them, motorists were to get out of their cars, beat the living crap out of the bikers and then stomped on the spokes of their bikes?
It wouldn't upset me at all.
In fact, impound the bikes, melt them down and make bullets to kill Jihadis.
Further comment isn't really necessary....
Meet the token skinhead-wannabe of Alan Keyes' "Renew America"

Gather round, folks, and let Big Andy Obermann, Renew America columnist and student at a "small private college in Missouri", exhibit the world of bonehead politics.  First up, public speculation on why Bush hasn't been right wing enough:
...what ever happened to the President's school choice initiative? I, for one, was in full support of the voucher program, as were many of the constituents that got Bush elected in the first place. Maybe he's waiting for an opportune time to announce a new proposal to Congress, or maybe he just forgot.
"Maybe he just forgot."  Condi Rice used the "I didn't remember" defense for how the Niger uranium forgery got into a Bush State of the Union address -- despite being cut from a Bush speech three months before for being glaringly bogus -- so sure, maybe the White House goes around forgetting just about anything.  Like major policies.  
To Andy, obviously a sports fan, this was Bush's "strike 1".   Strike 2 was Bush signing the bill for the funding of prescription drug coverage for the elderly.  Andy is the type of conservative that believes in government frugality when it comes to such things as getting US slightly closer to the distant ballpark of national medical insurance that every other industrialized nation in the world plays in, but gets suddenly generous when the program is any sort of weapons system.  As we see in his big problem with Kerry from another article:
And, let's also not forget the fact that Kerry's defense record leaves much to be desired. After all, he has voted against weapons programs such as the B-1 bomber, B-2 bomber, F-15 Eagle Tactical fighter, Tomcat fighter, Apache Helicopter, Patriot and Trident Missiles, and has sought to cut funding for programs including the M-1 Abrams tank, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Tomahawk Cruise Missile, and the F-16 Falcon fighter jet.
Say, could the cost of all those weapons systems equal the prescription drug coverage, by any chance?  Or maybe even a whole health care program?  
But back to the whiffing.  Andy is also very upset about Campaign Finance Reform bill signed by Bush.  How upset is Andy about strike 3?
I suppose the Supreme Court should be lynched for this one too, since they found it constitutional in review
Uhhh...I suppose the loose use of lynch metaphors by a headshaved good old boy is off base in any context, never mind on the website of a black politician, wingnut or otherwise.
So I'm fed up, but its not over yet.
At which point the ballboy runs to get him a pail.   We hear about what amounts to a fourth strike for Bush because of his proposal "to basically grant amnesty to illegal aliens" (Missouri must be crawling with them.)  But in case you were hoping that all this would keep him from voting Bush, give up:
I can't count on any of these democratic candidates to protect us the way Bush has
Awwww.  Andy just needs a big, protective hug.  
 War Cheerleading Christian Fundamentalists
Say Rock Music Breaks 10 Commandments
Brother David "Get offa my" Cloud's StrangeTrip: Goofy Christian Kid to RocknRoller to Public Drunk to Evil Meditating Hindu to AntiRock ProWar Fundamentalist

Way of Life is an fundamentalist Baptist website that has combined war cheerleading with good old fashioned rock and roll damning. Among Brother David Cloud's newsletter headlines we find
(obviously a very old one),
SADDAM'S SECRET NUCLEAR FACILITIES LOCATED (adding IN MY IMAGINATION would be appreciated) and SADDAM'S TORTURE JAILS (notice Cloud has nothing bad to say about the US torture jails in Iraq, but he does go out of his way to spew righteous disapproval on the Presbyterian Church because they “condemned the `torture and abuse of prisoners' by U.S. personnel at the Abu Ghraib prison.” Can't he recognize a good Crusade when he sees one?)
Meanwhile Cloud counsels the flock not to rock with his TEN SCRIPTURAL REASONS WHY THE "ROCK BEAT" IS EVIL IN ANY FORM which includes the hits THE "ROCK BEAT" DECEIVES YOUTH INTO VIOLATING THE FIFTH COMMANDMENT (tales of the steps from Christian Rock to Damnation), THE "ROCK BEAT" VIOLATES GOD'S COMMAND TO "GIVE NO PLACE TO THE DEVIL" (Get thee out of my CD collection, Satan!) and THE "ROCK BEAT" OPPOSES GOD'S COMMAND NOT TO MIX LIGHT WITH DARKNESS (Bro.Cloud must have mixed up a little something at the cocktail bar to come up with that one.)
Put the Kids on Meds: George W. Bush's
Vision for America
Back when George W. Bush was governor of Texas, something called the "Texas Medication Algorithm Project" started up to plan a mental health screening of the general population. It especially focused on testing schoolchildren for behavioral
problems and proposed treatment with antidepressant medication. Bush brought the program to the White House with him, and it is now being called the President's New Freedoms Commission on Mental Health. Under the guise of helping kids who are getting booted from school for being hyperactive, disobedient or whatever, the program prescribes the latest happy drugs for these “behavioral problems” (such as wearing antiwar t-shirts to school and starting a school anarchist club? Just to name a couple "behavioral problems in the news recently). And just as it is now, parents could be charged with child abuse for refusing to give the kids the drugs once they have been diagnosed. So the pharmaceutical megacorporations, which have donated four times as much money to Bush than to Kerry, will have yet another constant source of cash and a generation will be both permanently diagnosed with mental problems and on meds.
Is it a massive cynical plan to reap billions off a gov't program to medicate children or an evil plot to control minds? You decide. Which is worse, anyway?
Sources: The British Medical Journal broke the story with "Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness". Another article is "No Child Left Un-medicated?" See also "New Mental Health Program Alarms Parents"
Fear of a Tray Liner:
Wingnuts Have a Cow over "Burgergate"
The moonbats are finding anti-Americanism in a Subway sandwich tray liner. It seems the German branches of the fast food chain have been using an image on their food tray liners (see below) that shows people running in fear from a giant hamburger crashing through a skyline. The warnuts see a mocking reference to 9/11 and "unmitigated gall", while the (less Freedom Fries fed) rest of us see a reference to Godzilla-type movie posters.
The neocon warboosters at "Cyber News Service" sees the burger "smashing into twin skyscrapers" even though there are at least four buildings falling down. But counting towers is playing their game; can't these harebrains stop microscopically examining their burger wrappers and get a life?


Update with another loony Think Tanklet connection: The "Center for Individual Freedom" says it has pressured Subway into withdrawing the tray liners, even though the less terror-fied don't see The Day Everything Changed as much as The Day the Earth Stood Still. >>>>>