updated 3 Oct. 2005
Bennett forced to resign from K12 inc.
Bakersfield to protest Bennett visit
Sponsors Pulling Out,  Distancing from Bennett
Parents want to cancel Bennett's $3M contract
Salem Radio Network Still Silent on Bennett
Bennett won't apologize, blames Ted Kennedy

Bennett forced to resign from K12 inc.
Bennett cancels speech at Univ. of Cincinatti
Civil Rights Leader Calls for Bennett to be fired
Bennett: a scapegoat for the herd?
White House Condemns Bennett's Remarks
Former FCC head says Bennett bragged of  destroying public schools
Bennett refuses to apologize, calls it "thought experiment"
Parents want to abort Bennett's $3M pact
NAACP Says Bennett Must Apologize
Storm of Denunciations Against Bennett: Wash.Post
Congressman Demands Bennett be Suspended
House Democratic Leader Expresses "Disgust"
Conyers Calls on Salem Radio Network to Cancel Show
Howard Dean Blasts Bennett
Booman Tribune is on the case
Audio Clip on Media Matters
Off with his Airtime!