"You could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down."
-William Bennett's message to a million radio listeners, 28 Sept. 2005

Hear Bennett's rant at
William Bennett, former Secretary of Education for President Reagan and "drug czar" for President Bush the first, has long preached morality to others, even going so far as to write a children's book called "Book of Virtues".  But  revelations in 2003 of his multimillion-dollar gambling addiction exposed him as just another  hypocrite.  His lecture-tour value plummeted, and Bennett ended up on that soapbox of last resort, nutjob talkshow radio.  And now, showing that public humiliation only encourages some people, Bennett is back in infamy for speculating on the beneficial effects of genocide against African Americans.  The citizens of the USA are not standing for it, and as in the case of Michael Graham, America is standing up to these hatemongers and extremists by telling corporate radio to clean up their act and get these creeps off the air.  Get active!

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 GET ACTIVE! 1,2,3
1. Tell Salem Radio Network to give him the can:
Send them an email and demand that Salem Radio Network (SRN) do the right thing and take Bennett off the air.
SRN's phone number is 972-831-1920. Ask for Charles Mefferd, Operations Manager.
Call the sales department at 972-402-8800, fax 972-402-8200.

2. Contact his sponsors and politely ask them if they endorse Bennett's views:
 Verbal Advantage tel. 888-263-1012 email or
Update: Verbal Advantage has announced it is pulling sponsorship from Bennett's show.  
Write and thank them for not supporting extremists!  More

Crosley Radio Co. tel. 1-866-CROSLEY
Media contact: Liz Braun - 502.212.4283 FAX 502.584.8531 update: emails bouncing

Proflowers tel. 1-800-776-3569  Update: Proflowers has not advertised with Bennett for four months and makes it clear they do not endorse Bennett.  More

3. Contact William Bennett directly and tell him to apologize and resign.  
While you are at it,  contact K12, the education supplies company where he is chairman of the board, and ask the other board members if they endorse his views. Or call 1-888 YOUR K12. Update: Bennett has resigned from K12.
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 Oct. 4: Bennett forced to resign from K12 inc., Bakersfield church groups and Republicans to protest his visit.  The strangely-worded press release seems to be trying to deny any link between Bennett's abhorrent remarks and his resignation, and if you believe that then buy some stock in their K12 inc., the educational supply company that had in former Chairman Bennett a man who wants to destroy public education.  Meanwhile, Bennett proves to be a uniter, not a divider, as local Republicans, African American leaders and the Tri Stone Missionary Baptist Church all plan to protest his planned visit to the Bakersfield business conference.  Will Bennett cancel on this one too?

Oct. 3:  Bennett feels the heat, cancels speech at university
Radio talk show host and former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett on Sunday canceled his campus appearance amid controversy over comments he made on his radio show last week.
The event, which the University of Cincinnati College Democrats planned to protest, was to take place Tuesday evening. ...
In a letter obtained by The News Record, Bennett said the controversy over his remarks would have clouded the message of his planned speech, "Politics, War and Culture."
"The current controversy that has arisen around comments I made on my radio show, based on a willful distortion of what I said, will take away from the serious discussion I want to engage in with the student and community at the University of Cincinnati," Bennett said in his letter. ...
Bennett's visit was being funded by a parent of a UC student who wished to remain anonymous.
The parent was fronting money because of a concern over the type of speaker typically brought to UC.
Because of the abundance of left wing speakers invited to campus and a severe lack of conservative Republicans, the parent is giving their own personal money to back the event.

 Oct. 2: Patents want to cancel Bennett's firm's 3 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia school system.  
Bennett is chairman of the board of K12 incorporated, which won a contract last April to provide educational materials to Philadelphia schools.  Now parents are asking the contract be cancelled.  From the article in the Philadelphia Daily News:
"I find it hard to see any explanation for why they're here in Philadelphia educating many of the black children Mr. Bennett clearly finds it provocative to call expendable," said Helen Gym, a mother of a district third-grader.
"I am very rarely struck speechless anymore. However, I could not get words out of my mouth this morning when I realized that my school district is somehow providing support to this company," said Ellayne Bender, mother of a district 11th-grader.
"On a moral level, as a human being," Bender added, "I would like to see the contract voided."  
Contact K12

Oct. 1:  Sponsors Pulling Out,  Distancing from Bennett
Verbal Advantage has announced they are pulling their ads from Bennett's show. Their email message:
Dear customers and consumers of Verbal Advantage:
Please understand that we do not agree nor adhere to any beliefs or opinions of above said person. As a way of not standing behind the comments made by Bill Bennett we have detracted all association from him. We are neither longer sponsoring nor advertising on his radio show.
Verbal Advantage
Please contact Verbal Advantage to thank them for not supporting extremists!  

 Proflowers says they don't endorse Bennett's views and they are contacting the show's producers.  Their email message:
Dear ----,
Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We would like to assure you that ProFlowers does not endorse the views expressed by Bill Bennett. We understand your concerns and we will ensure that your feedback is communicated to the producers of the Bill Bennett Radio Show. We appreciate your feedback, as it allows us to more effectively manage our relationships with our advertising partners. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best Regards,
------ ------
Customer Care, ProFlowers, The Art of Fresher Flowers
Sept. 30 Update:    Bennett is proud of his comments, tries to divert attention to Ted Kennedy:

"I'll not take instruction from Teddy Kennedy. A young woman likely drowned because of his negligence . . . . He should make no judgments at all about other people. He shouldn't be in the Senate."

 Silent endorsement?  Salem Radio Network still has no comment.  

Pelosi goes on record: "Mr. Speaker, I rise this evening to express my deep disdain and disgust for comments made yesterday by former Reagan Secretary of Education William Bennett on his radio call-in show.  -House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Sept. 29

Bennett says aborting their children would lower crime:
l-r from top: Condoleezza Rice,Martin Luther King, Reggie Jackson,
Colin Powell, George Washington Carver, Oprah Winfrey, George Leighton

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