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2 Nov 07
Want some ketchup on that?

True to form, the rightwing of the "blogosphere" have started feeding on each other, attacking each other, tearing each other down.  LGF vs. Pam vs. GCP vs. overt fascists in Europe.  They created their little internet world of hate and now are reaping the what they have sown.  

What's causing this sudden free for all against their own kind?  I see it all as fallout from Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez's admission two weeks ago that the Iraq war is "a nightmare without end".  After years of trying to pretend there was loads of good news in Iraq that was being suppressed by the "liberal media," their face has been shoved into reality by an unimpeachable source.  Since then the catfight has begun among what hopefully will go back to being considered the lunatic fringe.

2 Oct 07
One Expressive Woman

Sadly No recently noted the strange case of Wafa Sultan & her cooptation by the lunatic fringe, and now she is quickly becoming a cause celeb for the wingnuts, as we see in these messages below which are currently being posted all over the place.  They may or may not originate from the overt Neocon Susan Murphy Milano, who has not one but both messages on her strange website -- and they link to a clip produced by Memri, the right wing Israeli propaganda agency:

One impressive woman.  Here is a powerful and amazing statement on Al Jazeera television. The woman is Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles . I would suggest watching it ASAP because I don't know how long the link will be active. This film clip should be shown around the world repeatedly!

A MUST WATCH BEFORE IT'S TAKEN OFF THE WEB!!  Here is a powerful and amazing statement on Al Jazeera television.
The woman is Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles . I would suggest watching it ASAP because I don't know how long the link will be active. This film clip should be shown around the world repeatedly!  This is one impressive woman!
(It's still on the Internet!!)

Obviously it's a lie as well as an obvious trick on the dimwitted to say that a video produced by a heavily funded PR firm is suddenly going to disappear from the web and so you'd better click on it real fast.  That kind of thing usually gets you a viagra ad, but this time it's cyber-agitprop. Spamogranda?

WCW can't say it much better that this: "Here’s a cautionary tale about Middle-Eastern dissidents who seek to advance their causes — even after the lesson of Iraq — by making common cause with American right-wing extremists and their phony ‘human rights’ campaigns."

Update: An American rabbi compared Sultan's rhetoric to Ann Coulter's.

27 Sept 07
Revisionism , LGF style

LGF often accuses other sites of deleting or editing content whenever convenient.  But recently they went back and cleansed evidence of their own past front page excesses, editing out a phrase that had been pointed out to them as ridiculous hyperbole by this site.

Back on Sept. 6 LGF went a little apeface over a certain Youtube video.  You know they're going apeface when they use the word palpable. In this case, where most people might have seen a jerk with a microphone, LGF saw an occasion where "The sense of menace and evil intent is almost palpable."  Here is a screen shot, with the Google cache highlighting:

War-Cheerleaders pointed out in (pre-ban) comment #431 that the guy was "freaky to ridiculous.  But evil? Menacing? Give us a break." Apparently the LGF web-leaders agreed  -- the "evil intent" part is now gone from website, though their favorite word is still there:

It's a weird and clumsy bit of revisionism -- several of their fellow phobes cut and pasted the original wording on their sites, so it's there for all the world to see.  But the brave leader(s) of LGF still couldn't resist trying to retroactively tinker with their own history.  Well, at least it shows they are capable of realizing their own idiocy, even if it's weeks later and only after they ban the person who points it out.

20 Sept 07
It's the cop worship, stupid

It's not about Kerry.  It's only half about the tasering.  What it's really about is someone who was no more than a rude loudmouth asking inconvenient questions being manhandled out of a free speech forum while the apparatchik-like crowd applauds.  It's about the deep fear and cop-worship that makes people automatically defend the police in such a case.  It's about how many times per week now there's something in the US news that looks more like it belongs in a report from Belarus than in the US.  A woman in a wheelchair tasered to death by cops.  Cops violently breaking up a legal press conference and physically attacking the mother of a soldier in Iraq.  A court system that's such a joke that a district attorney publicly taunts an auditorium of teenagers with "I can end your life with the stroke of a pen" and tennis shoes are defined as deadly weapons so a teenager can be sentenced to decades of prison.

There are places in the world where people like this questioner would have been and are tolerated regularly at public forums.  Tolerating harmless cranks (and maybe even listening to their questions, which in this case were valid) is a facet of a civil society and even in some not-so-civil ones where the security state maintains at least a superficial level of tolerance and respect for the individual.  

 18 Sept 07
Banned by LGF

The war-cheerleading wimps at Little Green Footballs have blocked the user account that this site was using to document comments like these below.  Funny how LGFers who recommend a new holocaust on Muslims and/or Palestinians haven't been banned.  But the banning is probably just practical in LGF's Charles Johnson's view -- only registered members can search the LGF messages.  It took about five minutes to find the recent Nuke Islam discussion by searching on "nuke".  Looks like the gonadless fuhrer-wannabees had to put a stop to easily exposing the what they're about -- as if it's any secret.  

 13 Sept 07
Lileks instead of meat

When should wingnuts be exposed and when is it best to leave them spinning on their bolts?
Lileks and the clean cut types he doesn't mind hanging
around the playground, a serial killer and a child molester.
Disheveled types! Help! L-R Vaclav Havel,
Thomas Jefferson, Jesus H. Christ
 The Sadly Noers recently addressed this in their admission that hounding Megan McArdle might make them look like "idiots" but was motivated out of despair over a ditz on the staff of their once-beloved Atlantic Monthly.  This week some questioned choosing James Lileks to once again get the marinade-and-slow-roast treatment (metaphor apt since lilek means eggplant in at least one Slavic language).  Warcheerleaders has sometimes wondered if hauling whackos out of relative obscurity for the purpose of ridicule is right or recommended.  On one end of the culpability scale is writing prowar screeds for mass consumption or going on TV, on the other is the harmless murmuring of small blogs that no one reads.  Who deserves getting slammed?

Lileks is somewhere in the middle, but he deserves the skewering.  He is a touchstone for a lot of the other wingnuts, who take his fatherly persona to heart. This means he has an effect, which makes the level of wretchedness of his message that much worse.

It was Sadly No that highlighted one of his more awful moments, the rant on how “you don’t get to” hang around children if you look “disheveled” . Never mind the fact that most child-molesters look a lot more like Lileks than the stereotypical scumbag — it was the plain, outspokenly uncharitable (yes, un-Christian) aspect of his message, with its might-makes-right enforcement behind it, that made it so repulsive.  Someone looks wrong, needs help -- throw them in jail.

 10 Sept 07
Just Another Day at LGF: Nuke Islam Chat

The LGF charm offensive continues as the residents, strongly provoked by the vandalism of a dog statue, suggest nuking Islam.

This is no set up --  the one first suggesting a new Holocaust is, according to his profile, a dedicated three-year LGFer who has posted almost 9000 times on the site.  The more fledging member who said Islam is a "13 hundred year plague with no cure in sight" chortles agreement with the nuclear holocausting ("That will do the trick!").  Many other posters chime in with enthusiasm for killing all Muslims with nuclear weapons as the only (final?) solution ("There is only one thing that can wean them. Six feet of earth." "I do not think it is a question anymore of whether America will nuke Mecca and Medina to ashes...but whether all the countries of the world will join in or not when America does.")  

Then the one seemingly sensible poster who was trying to talk the rest of the flock out of the Nuke Islam meme explains her his/her nuanced position:  "We must wait until they deploy the first nuke. Then we must be prepared to reduce every place in the world that has this infection to a glassy lake."

Remember, the management of Little Green Footballs says it deletes overly offensive comments, and that it is NOT a hate site.  Repeat it over and over: It's not a hate site... It's not a hate site...

Update:  More recent suggestions on LGF:
Sept. 1: "At least they were killing Palestinians. Kill them all, let G-d send them to Hell."
Sept. 9: "I want to see islam extripated from the planet"
Sept. 8: "What sane person thinks we can win the war against these god-damn animals while we let them have whole states ... "
Sept. 3: "we need to wipe it out as a religion, and I think that does not mean killing all who profess it now, but certainly some of the worst"

Update 2:  After War Cheerleaders Watch pointed it out, the original nuke comment has been deleted, but all the others are still there.
Update 3: Sept. 11 has caused them to hit bottom, dig:  Palestinians are "cockroaches ... vermin ...junk people ... Eat rat poison, you bastards... the day Israel flattens Gaza ... Vile, disgusting and depraved culture with no redeeming features ... I'm completely indifferent when any of the rest of them die, no matter the numbers. ... Filthy subhumans. May they sit on their tails and break them."

 8 Sept 07
The State of Free Speech in Washington, DC
In a scene worthy of Belarus, a mounted police officer charges into a DC antiwar organization's press conference, breaking it up for the reasons of postering and not having a permit.  Problem is, you don't need a permit to hold a press conference and the postering is currently legal (a subject of a continuing case in DC).  At the 3 minute mark in the video a cop wrenches the bucket and brush out of the hands of Tina Richards, the mother of an Iraq war veteran.  Her impassioned words about her son fighting in Iraq representing the right to free speech is interrupted by police sirens at 4:00.  She is led away in handcuffs while trying to speak at 5:29.  The horse charges in out of nowhere at 6:17, the cop yelling "back up" for no obvious reason.

I know things are deteriorating in the US and I'm not supposed to be shocked anymore, but I really can't believe that policemen lay their hands on the mother of a soldier who has served two tours in Iraq -- and just over the issue of biodegradeable wheat paste and having a press conference.  Richard conducted herself with dignity.  The authorities seem to have no shame nor self respect, never mind any cognizance of basic free speech.  

29 Aug 07
Wannabe Cowboy Freaks Rule the World
The disturbing, disturbing photos this week of Putin, would-be Czar of Russia, doing a shirtless cowboy routine in Siberia, raise disturbing, disturbing questions:  Do real men shave their chests (that could even be a wax job!)?  Fishing pole & tree stump -- phallic symbols?  At what point in the Wild West did cool sunglasses become de rigueur dude ranch gear?  Oh, and Why can't we get rid of these permanently adolescent anti-democratic boy-men playing fantasy games while wrecking the planet?

Power Lunch: Occupation Leadership Planned on the Spur of the Moment

Without telling Colin Powell, without telling Condoleezza Rice, without telling even telling Zalmay Khalilzad, Bush decided and announced that L. Paul Bremer III would be sole head of the occupational government of Iraq, changing the plans for Bremer and the Kabul-born, Middle East expert politician Khalilzad to run the country together.  The new plan was decided by Bush and Bremer over lunch.  Powell, who has been Bush's fool before, actually had to call Khalilzad to ask what happened.  Khalilzad says he replied "You’re secretary of state and you’re asking me what happened!" and summarizes Bush & Bremer's lunchtable putsch program as "we would run the country ourselves". Powell has confirmed this all: "With no discussion, no debate, things changed. I was stunned.”    

Wonder how the troops dying and getting maimed feel about being stuck in a quagmire due to the last minute whim of two silver-spooned, guffawing suits?

UPDATE from the great Matt Taibbi: "...when L. Paul Bremer was installed as head of the CPA, one of his first brilliant ideas for managing the country was to have $12 billion in cash flown into Baghdad on huge wooden pallets and stored in palaces and government buildings. To pay contractors, he'd have agents go to the various stashes -- a pile of $200 million in one of Saddam's former palaces was watched by a single soldier, who left the key to the vault in a backpack on his desk when he went out to lunch -- withdraw the money, then crisscross the country to pay the bills. When desperate auditors later tried to trace the paths of the money, one agent could account for only $6,306,836 of some $23 million he'd withdrawn. Bremer's office "acknowledged not having any supporting documentation" for $25 million given to a different agent."

 28 Aug 07
Rediscovering Sarah

I was vacationing in France when I rediscovered the once-popular prowar blog Trying to Grok and its author Sarah (named War Cheerleader #1 by this site back in '04).  The locale was appropriate -- while I reveled in the abundance of life and activity in the 10th arrondissement of Paris and the maximized quality of life in Strasbourg (thanks in no small part to the EU offices based here), I remembered how France scared Sarah so much she went home to write an homage to crassness entitled, kid you not, “I Heart Walmart”.  So it somehow comes as no surprise to see that Sarah is now reporting “I don't even have any friends in my real life anymore" (a real life that is not as good as TV and movies), fantasizing that this "hatesite" is dedicated to her and dismissing the importance of sex in marriage (no wonder her husband is anxious for another tour of Iraq).   And she has even started calling herself a “war cheerleader”.  

Other fervent prowar knobs that were going berserk in '03-'04 have since cooled down, gone quiet or disappeared altogether.  Most notably, Protestwarrior (#2 in the Hall of Infamy) -- the ones who suffered the hilarious humiliation of getting "owned" by their own side -- seem like they might've outgrown their jackass activities, with a "gone fishin'" sign up for years now and managing only a claim to a "Lone ProtestWarrior Action" last February.  But #3 A.I.R. continues its unique brand of unintentional sub-parody ("In these times of rampant anti-American, treasonous & seditious acts by the Left and their hypocritical, billionaire Neo-Marxist ass-clowns in the Lamestream Media...")

But back to Ms. Grok.  While wishing no harm to the hausfrau and hoping all the troops come home safely and soon, one has to wonder -- as the surge keeps surging and the quagmire keeps quagmiring and the troops keep getting killed while others are re-upped without their consent due to lack of boots on the ground  -- what exactly is her self-justification for still just sitting at home, war cheerleading and knitting?  

Update:  The poor thing is in full-denial mode, rambling about her "nemesis" (in quotes for some reason) and focusing on Walmart rather than owning up to her own admission that her life is crumbling to the point that she can write “I don't even have any friends in my real life anymore."  Is that not a cry for help?  If any of her loved ones or former friends read this, for god's sake encourage Sarah to get some. Help, that is.  This site hereby swears off rubber-necking at that car crash til' 2008 or so.

LGF: Satire? Foul!

LGF have done the pantie-twist twice lately over posts that were written in obvious jest -- obvious to anyone but wingnuts, anyway.  It's the same desperation to find something, anything, to accuse the anti-war forces of that led to a fact-checking of Scott Beachamp's jokes.  A Rumsfeldian "Sweep it all up. Things related and not" for the post-Rove and Gonzales disaster days.  They think a Daily Kos diarist actually wants to water-board Bush.  They're that paranoid.  Or feeling that guilty.

20 Feb 07
Neocons = UFO Cult?

Gary Younge, a British journalist imbedded in Washington DC, recently penned an interesting article about the cultist mindset in US politics. Though he's slamming the Bush admin and the saber-rattling towards Iran specifically, it applies to neoconservativism in general. By using a comparison to a UFO cult, Younge points out yet again how with the neocon agenda is more and more blatantly insane.,00.html

On December 20 1954, a woman known as Marion Keech gathered her followers in her garden in Lake City, Illinois, and waited for midnight, when flying saucers were supposed to land and save them from huge floods about to engulf the planet.
Keech had received news of the impending deluge from Sananda, a being from the planet Clarion, whose messages she passed on to a small group of believers. Unbeknown to her, the group had been infiltrated by a University of Minnesota researcher, the social psychologist Leon Festinger.

As dawn rose on December 21 with no flying saucer in sight, Keech had another revelation. Sananda told her that the group's advanced state of enlightenment had saved the entire planet. They rejoiced and called a press conference. "A man with a conviction is a hard man to change," wrote Festinger in his book on the cult, When Prophecy Fails. "Tell him you disagree and he turns away. Show him facts and figures and he questions your sources. Appeal to logic and he fails to see your point."

George Bush is a man of conviction and clearly a hard man to change. When reality confronts his plans he does not alter them but instead alters his understanding of reality. Like Keech and her crew, he stands with a tight band of followers, both deluded and determined, understanding each setback not as a sign to change course but as further proof that they must redouble their efforts to the original goal.


 10 Aug
The West's ongoing kristallnacht against Arabs and Islam

I took just a few minutes to do an internet search on recent attacks on Arabs/Islam in western societies, and I was shocked by what I found.  There's a continuing pattern of shootings, attacks and assaults, arson against mosques, and threats.  To get a balanced perspective I tried to find similar reports against Jews or Christians, against synagogues or churches.  But Seattle notwithstanding (by a unstable baptized Christian who recently converted to Islam), there was nothing comparable in scope.  One of the main recent cases of synagogue vandalism, in fact, was by Jewish Zionists against an anti-Zionist synagogue in London!  

Take a look at the list, mainly from within the last month or this summer, of murders, attacks, threats and arsons experienced by Arab-Americans and Islamic people in the western world, and see whether you think it fits the definition of a wave of terror or not.  (Try imaging it all happening to Jews and synagogues, for instance, and keep in mind this is just a quickly made compilation about recent incidents, in no way complete.)

Recent attacks on Arabs/Muslim in the west, most within last 30 days:
Hate mail campaign aimed at Muslim Americans in Michigan
Mosque desecration and threat in Maine, July 3
Cop told suspect before the act that repercussion would be minor
Anti-Islam McCarthyist tactics against Muslim American
Anti-Islam McCarthyism 2: University Professor called terrorist supporter
Sikh stabbed, mistaken for Muslim in Calif. July 31st
At least three Sikh cabdrivers shot, two fatally, in SF Bay Area alone since 9/11
Mosque vandalism/threat, IN
Mosque burned down in VA
Two pipe bombs explode at mosque last December, threats this summer
Newspapers smears mosque, forced to retract
Koran burning at "Save America" rally
Koran destruction & Mosque threat
Houston: Shots fired, rocks and bottles thrown at mosque-goers
US ambassador to UN says dead Lebanese Muslims are worth less morally than dead Israelis
Arab-American restaurant bombed in Ohio, sending owner and son to hospital
Bigots block construction of mosque in Florida
Anti-muslim bigotry opening preached
Islam-hater's job is selecting judges, appointed by Jeb Bush
Paris Mosque vandalized with racist graffiti
Toronto Mosque vandalized
Swastikas on NZ mosque
Stabbing rampage against Israeli Arabs

Here, finally, is one symbol of the results of the WOT hoax and anti-Arab racism:
U.S. soldiers took turns raping Iraqi girl


8 Aug

Today's massacre of civilians by the Israeli blitzkrieg has a new twist: Israel also threatened to kill UN workers if they attempted to repair bridges in order to delivered relief supplies.,00.html

Oh and don't worry about the photo of the little girl, it's surely faked, right?

6 Aug
Lies, Murder, and War Crimes.  Israel in Lebanon Again

This Washpost oped piece, written by a mid-level Israeli war criminal now on think tank welfare, is one of the sickest pieces of published writing I have read in, oh, several days.

"What is at stake are the very rules of war that underpin the entire international order. Sadly, judging from how most of the world has responded to Israel's military action against Hezbollah, these rules have been completely abandoned."

Yes, abandoned by the Israeli gov't.

"The rules of war boil down to one central principle: the need to distinguish combatants from noncombatants. Those who condemned Israel for what happened at Qana, rather than placing the blame for this unfortunate tragedy squarely on Hezbollah and its state sponsors, have rewarded those for whom this moral principle is meaningless and have condemned a state in which this principle has always guided military and political decision making."

Wrong. In fact HRW and Amnesty Int'l have both charged Israel with war crimes because Israel blithely claims that they can kill civilians after taking a few token precautions. But simply dropping some leaflets does not give a gov't freedom to then kill civilians at will. If in this (sick) thing we call war the "rules" conventionally or theorectically allowed some minor number of accidental civilian deaths, it never allowed a state to slaughter massive numbers of children and families at will after making a radio announcement, which is what Israel is doing.

"Israel has risked the lives of its citizens and its soldiers to abide by this principle in a way that is unprecedented in the history of nations."

An outright lie, given its current massacre-by-air actions.

The article goes on to cite examples in the past of Israel supposedly not targeting civilians, which proves nothing concerning its current terror-bombing campaign. Then:

Kofi Anin is "a knave or a fool"

Actual, Kofi Anin, like the UN, is a slow-to-act (i.e. small "c" conservative in his dealings) international diplomat of universal acclaim, and this comment shows the author to be "a knave or a fool," or more specifically, an extremist windowdressing state terrorism.

"Hoping to retain its high moral standards in the face of such a cynical enemy, Israel has made every effort to avoid harming civilians. We have dropped fliers, sent telephone messages and broadcast radio announcements so that innocents can get out of harm's way"

Hizbollah -- "endanger their own civilians to protect themselves."

see above, the part about HRW and AI, none of this gives sanction for Israel to then murder civilians.

"If the world were now blaming Hezbollah, Syria and Iran for the innocent Lebanese killed, hurt or displaced in this conflict, then it would be sending a powerful message to every terrorist group on the planet: We will not tolerate the use of human shields. Period."

More murderous malarky. Israel is basically bombing entire neighborhoods. The human shield argument does not hold on such a mass scale. It's like saying the US is using human shields by having US military bases within its cities instead of in remote, unpopulated areas.

"Instead, those who condemn Israel have sent precisely the opposite message. They have told every terrorist group around the world that the use of human shields will pay huge dividends, thereby providing them with a powerful weapon that endangers innocents everywhere."

This is nothing but the pot calling the kettle black, or less quaintly the mass murderers calling killers murderous.