"You could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down."
-William Bennett's message to a million radio listeners, 28 Sept. 2005
hear clip at
updates and activists' resources on William Bennett page

Do wingnuts see the Islamic crescent in the letter C?
Shades of the tray-liner scandal: led by major nutcase Tom “Bomb Mecca” Tancredo, various loons have gone apeface over the fact that the 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania includes a semicircle and some trees that they say can only be an Islamic red crescent.  According to one lunar base, Mensnewsdaily, ALL crescents are Islamic:
The mile-long “memorial”... is called the “Crescent of Embrace”. That's the Islamic crescent, folks.

left: Memorial design.  right: Sneaky croissants come in all sizes.
left: Inside innocous pastry, evil lurks.  right: Heavenly Islamist conspiracy?
Never mind the fact that the selection process has been going on for two years and the design was picked from among hundreds with the support of the families of those who died in Flight 93 as well as the support of Rick Santorum, Tom Ridge and other not-exactly-liberal types.  Here's what the survivors think of the wingnuttery and Tancredo:
"I'm insulted by his comments," said Dorothy Garcia, whose husband, Andy, died on Flight 93. She helped select the crescent-shaped design from among five finalists. "Everyone I have spoken to totally understands the memorial," she said.
That includes U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.
"They all love the design," Garcia said...
The crescent-obsessed insist the memorial is Satanic/Islamic/evildoer evil incarnate and must go (and so far the nuttalk radio's rightwing fatwa is having an effect).  
Warcheerleaders is waiting for the next neocon fatwa against crescent rolls (which are not only Islamic but French!)
And a ban on looking up at night, too, since followed to its logical conclusion, the all-crescents-are-Islamic argument leads to the inescapable fact that Mother Nature wears a burqha, or why else would there be a crescent in the sky once a month?

 Prowar Wackos Attack Each Other in Crawford
"Protest Warrior" get their clocks cleaned by "A fired-up patriot” (read
enraged war loon) “who had never heard of Protest Warrior"
From Reuters we hear of a tragic incident that happened when the prowar maniacs went to Crawford to protest Cindy Sheehan:
In one heated moment, members of the pro-Bush crowd turned on what they mistakenly thought were a group of anti-war protesters, cursing them, threatening them and tearing down their signs. A police officer rushed the group to safety.
Now, who could this misunderstood group be, getting swarmed by their own side?  It couldn't possibly be the hapless folk that earned the #2 spot in the War Cheerleading Hall of Infamy® last year, “Protest Warrior”, could it?  Let's check the AP article:
At the pro-Bush rally several miles away, there were some heated moments when two members of Protest Warrior, a group that frequently holds counter protests to anti-war rallies, walked in with a sign that read "Say No to War - Unless a Democrat is President."  
Many Bush supporters only saw the top of the sign and believed the men were war protesters, so they began shouting and chasing the pair out. One man tore up their signs. When Will Marean of Minneapolis kept repeating that he was on the Bush side and tried to explain Protest Warrior's mission, one Bush supporter shook his hand and apologized.
Oh my God!  It IS Protest Warrior, the group that document themselves disturbing legally registered peaceful antiwar protests.  So we can all look forward to the video of them getting their signs ripped down and chased away by their fellow war supporters while they plead for understanding, right?  Let's ask that dedicated Protest Warrior and now famous prowar nut Will Marean (from his blog: Age: 25 - Gender: male - Zodiac Year: Monkey) when the prints will be dry:
*Yawn* don't have any pictures of that, nor video, honestly. Oh well, memories for the people who were on the ground.
No photos, hmmm... Good thing their fellow headcases the Freepers were there to take this shot above, which they label "retreat".  How long was Will "on the ground" and did the Bush supporter help him up?  And how could such a thing happen?  Let's ask a Freeper:
A fired-up patriot who had never heard of Protest Warrior. A bad (unfortunate) combination.
A bad (unfortunate) combination.  Doesn't that describe the whole organization?
Photos, from top: 1. Protest Warriors retreat, with founder Kfir Alfia leading the right flank.  Click to better see Will Marean (?) giving his best wounded puppy face. 2. Trying to stop the smashing of their ironic signs. 3. Alfia bravely dragging remaining signs to safety while (4) Bush supporters go on a sign ripping frenzy.

Tales of Christian Fatwas and Right Wing Doublespeak...

The men who mistake their quotes for a hat:  Is it the wingnuts' diminishing sense of reality or their increasing sense of  unaccountability that's causing the sudden glut of denying their own internationally-broadcasted words? First it was Rush Limbaugh last week, and now Pat Robertson is denying ever saying something that anyone with an able index finger can click on and watch him say, namely the word “assassination” when he issued his off-the-cuff fatwa against Hugo Chavez.

Grabbing at strawpolls: It's almost no fun to check out the laptop soldiers playing Little Green Footsies anymore, such is the air of malaise and dissension in their once rabidly united war-fevered world.  Their latest desperate attempt at self-justification, “Military Kin Know the Truth,” triumphantly cites a poll showing that military families or people with military friends support the Iraqi war mess more than others.  But below the gloating headline in the small print we find that even among military kin less than 50 percent think the war was the right thing to do, and almost just as many admit it was a mistake.


Graham No Longer a (W)MALrat
but he's still playing his supporters for fools
The hot news is that Michael Graham sent out a presss release to a massive email list shouting "Free Speech Loses" because he no longer works at WMAL.  Quite a matyr, this Graham.
But first of all, Michael Graham didn't get fired, according to the radio station and his own report.
Continued on Graham page
 Limbaugh denies making statement quoted on own website
Maybe he's gone back to scarfing prescription meds by the handful, and his brain is starting to spin around in his head like a manic gerbil on an exercise wheel, or perhaps he's just losing it because over 60 percent of Americans now oppose the war (and
The Gerbil-on-Wheel theory is one possible explanation for Limbaugh's recent self-one-upmanship in the ridiculous lie department
therefore war cheerleaders like himself).  Whatever the reason, Rush Limbaugh outdid himself this week when he denied saying something that had even been proudly quoted on his own website. The statement in question was nonsensical enough - accusing war protester and grieving mother Cindy Sheehan of “forgery” - but Limbaugh's rush (no pun intended) to deny the quote was possibly more bizarre.  He's made worse gaffes and uglier, crueler comments, so why did he choose to draw more attention to this one by blatantly lying about it? On second thought, do we even want to negotiate the twists and turns of whatever his convoluted answer would be?  

Michael Graham Update:
Website Revisionism and Morose Fans
Speaking of problematic quotes on your own website, fans of Michael Graham, the disgraced WMAL-AM talkshow host currently under a seemingly never-ending suspension for gross acts of incitement and lies, were momentarily cheered today when they saw Graham's personal website was back online after disappearing for several days.  But they must have realized there was something missing, and that the entire contents of his homepage, which once included the blog featuring his oft-repeated falsehoods such as "all" suicide bombers are Muslims, had been wiped clean of all evidence of the statements that got him kicked off the air in the first place (still cached here).
Is Graham, author of “Redneck Nation” (now available for $1.76), no longer proud of his lie-to-provoke strategy that has got him fired once again?  Could two hate-attacks within one week during the height of the controversy he manufactured have caused him to regret his wanton romp into extremist land?  Graham supporters, who may not have realized they were backing the kind of personality who started making jokes about the Colombine shooting victims before the bodies were even cold, are starting to post less and less on the website (which, kid you not, has the address that was set up to cheerlead the war cheerleader, and their posts are sounding more and more desperate (how can a radio station ignore loony zealots in need of a life? how?) -- in other words, like a lot of laptop warriors sound after getting reality checks. All those Graham Crackers out there better keep wearing their Free Michael Graham T-shirts (and covering their asses) while they can, because they are quickly going out of style.

War Cheerleaders Site Makes Mistake, Is Nailed as "liberal idiot" by Michael Graham Fan
A message from the War Cheerleaders Ombudsperson
As anyone can plainly see because it's hanging out like Ariel Sharon's belly, in the yesterday's report there is an error.   As spotted by the keen eye of a Michael Graham fan calling him/herself "CAIRSUX" and duly noted (thank you!) in the guestbook, WMAL-AM in Washington, DC, an ABC-affiliated talk radio station, was mistakenly identified as a FOX-affiliate.  Obviously it's a massive blunder, since ABC is the Liberal Media and FOX is Fair and Balanced, and there are obvious differences.  For instance, FOX station KLIF -AM in Dallas proudly proclaims itself as "America's Talk Station", and WMAL doesn't even bother!  But in defense of the embattled editorial staff of WarCheerleadersDesktopWarriorandOtherEveryLoonsä, occasionally (well, constantly actually) the ABC-affiliated station sort of sounds like a typical Right Wing Fair and Balanced station, feeding the public a steady diet of immigrant-phobia and Muslim-hate.  But that's still no excuse to confuse WMAL with the Cindy Sheehan-watchdog KLIF, because even their websites show their huge differences:
Bitmap Image Bitmap Image
Spot the difference!  One is the website for a talk radio station affiliated with Liberal media ABC, the other for an affiliate of Fair and Balanced (not Right Wing!  Don't say that!) FOX.   Notice the Blame-America-First bias versus the sound look of patriotism.  

Hate Jock Feels Blowback from Own Hot Air
(or something like that)
Michael Graham is/was a WMAL-AM talkshow host and is/is just another loudmouth who gets paid by the Fox ABC propaganda empire to spew dumbed-down bile onto the airwaves in order to cultivate more and more knee-jerk yahoos in the U.S of  A.  But Graham went a bit too far for a DC-based jock and got suspended after spending a few shows on the general topic of “Islam is a terrorist organization.” The Council for American-Islamic Relations took great offense, launching a campaign against him.  How successful has it been?   Major advertisers on WMAL publicly distanced themselves from Graham, his blog containing proud notations of his Daniel Pipes-spattered ideas was taken down from WMAL website and going one three weeks now he hasn't been heard on the station, though his slot is still called the “Michael Graham show” and still appears in the station's program guide.  As of today even his personal website is offline and “under construction” -- posting his resume?
Meanwhile, on “” you can read many heartfelt ...continued
Thank God that Homeland Security is around to protect us from protesters -- uh, I mean, terrorists.
US shoots ahead in stun gun design - New
WEAPONS designed to fire "electric bullets" into crowds are being developed for police and border protection agencies in the US.
The Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency, the domestic equivalent of the defence agency DARPA, has launched an "innovative less-lethal devices for law enforcement" programme to radically expand the capabilities of electric shock weapons.

Scapegoat down
"It will speak volumes to the accused, it will speak volumes to our Army, it will speak volumes to our country, it will speak volumes to the world."  CAPT. CHRIS GRAVELINE, the prosecutor in the case against Specialist Charles A.
 Graner in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, hoping that the conviction of one scapegoat following orders will in any way affect the universal loathing of the US gov't resulting from the ongoing revelations of its history of a policy of torture and the promotion of White House torture
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Creature from the White House
apologist Alberto Gonzalez to the position of attorney general.  
Graner's mother, Irma, insisted blame lay higher up the chain of command.
"My son was convicted the day President Bush went on TV and said that seven bad apples disgraced the country.

"You know it's the higher-ups that should be on trial. They let the little guys take the fall for them," she said.


Jan7, 2005
Colin Powell combines tsunami relief, sex tourism
Secretary of State Colin L. Powell's said his visit to the epicenter of the tsunami's destruction today served the dual purposes overseeing disaster relief efforts and “getting my rocks off.”
“Frankly, seeing all these dead people and unprotected orphans gives me a hard on,” Powell said as he stared at the horizon, where smoke from funeral pyres continued throughout the day. "The power of the wave to destroy bridges, to destroy factories, to destroy homes, to destroy crops, to destroy everything in its path is amazing.  If only we had such a weapon.”
Affectionately referred to among White House staff as “Ol' Skullfucker” for his well known enjoyment of strife-torn areas, Powell sees this trip as a chance to indulge his pleasures while gaining credit for working in a humanitarian cause.  “I'll get major brownie points for this,” he confided to his sex tour guide, “and I'll be getting my rocks off at the same time.”
"Your kids are ready."
The top Indonesian official in charge of the recovery, Iwla Bahihs, said Powell's visit is a boon to the sex tourism industry that was predicted to be hard hit by the death, destruction and starvation from the tsunamis which struck the coastal areas last week.  “Dozens of sex tour operators and their employees were facing idle periods of months or even years,” he said.  “But Mr. Powell and his entourage are personally making up for a lot of lost business.”  When asked about hunger and food shortages in the country, Powell said “we're here to personally make sure these people have something to put in their mouths.”
Sources said the mysterious planeload of orphaned children that left the country two days ago was in fact part of Powell's personal project, dubbed “Operation Tropical Paradise.”  Bahihs said Powell is “turning the sour lemons of global tragedy into the sweet lemonade of guilt free sex with total impunity.”  The children were transported to Powell's private vacation home, which shares a two mile border with pop star Michael Jackson's private amusement park Neverland.
The Banda Aceh airport was shut down for much of Tuesday after a supply plane hit two copulating water buffalo, causing great shrieks of laughter from Powell and his aides as gory animal parts splashed for several hundred feet along the runway.  Nearby is a small-town facility now jammed with helicopters and fat transport planes. American sailors, who have helicoptered in from the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln to get some poon tang, mix with Indonesian soldiers, some carrying young girls for sale by the hour.
Riot police were required to keep Powell separated from the masses of starving villagers who stormed the area in hopes of finding food in connection with Powell's visit, and Powell had to step gingerly around recently unearthed bodies at one point.  “Some of these are still fresh!” Powell was overheard saying.  
Witnesses observed several bodies and a bamboo cage full of orphan children being transported into Powell's personal quarters.  Soon after, Powell excused himself, saying “It's time for my daily workout.”  He termed his exercise regimen as “Leaving No Child's Behind.”
Relief officials said the toll of the tragedy was now 150,000 dead and climbing.  Mr. Powell said that while 15 Americans have been confirmed dead as of Monday, another 4,000 to 5,000 remain officially unaccounted for. “Of course, we'll catch up to that in Iraq soon enough,” Powell said, noting that the Lancet medical journal has estimated that over 100,000 Iraqis have died in connection with the US invasion and occupation of that country.  Powell remarked, “Who says you can't fool Mother Nature?”
Warning! SATIRE!
Nov16, 2004
Iraqi PM charges militants with plan to
"destroy Fallujah"
Apparently unaware that Fallujah had just been reduced to rubble already by the American military, US-appointed Prime Minister of Iraqi Iyad Allawi announced today that captured Iraqi militants “were planning to destroy Fallujah…by blowing up important positions.”
In order to further sicken a queasy world, the worst collaborative pop song ever is being revamped for a fresh shove down the throats of music listeners everywhere.  "Do they know it's Christmas," which first offended the public during the depths of the Reagan regime in 1984, is being rerecorded by the appropriately named Band Aid project for temporary relief of starving Africans in lieu of any sort of progress on the issue of poverty in the third world.  The latest crop of generic corporate pop stars such as Justin Hawkins, Will Young, and Jamelia will join the likes of original hypocrites such as Bono in this thin excuse for hype on the back of people dying of hunger.

Not-So-"Obsolete" Torture Expected from Gonzalez

The Bushgov's pick to replace disgraced Attorney General John Ashcroft is Alberto Gonzalez. Described as a "moderate" because he is "soft" on affirmative action, he is considered acceptable to the wingnut regime because he is "hard" on prisoner abuse and torture -- allowing and justifying it, that is.  Gonzalez was the author of the infamous White House counsel memo that called the Geneva Convention on prisoners' rights "obsolete" and "quaint" and is therefore the perfect choice for protecting Americans' basic freedoms.  He is slated to replace Ashcroft, who was "soft" in the head and "hard" on the ears.

 New Low: "Ghraibing" Jokes
Rape. Murder. Raping children. Defiling corpses. All by US occupation forces. A laughing matter?
You would think that the war cheerleaders would just keep avoiding the subject of the Abu Ghraib prison war crimes (except when repeating the "few bad apples" lie). Instead they are wallowing in a website joking about "Ghraibing" (posing in photos pointing at each others genitals, ala war crimes suspect Pvt. England) becoming a fad. How sick can these war loons get?